Occasionally we will breed a litter out of carefully selected combinations. Character and health are the most important when breeding...beauty is a nice bonus. But the only thing that realy matters is to have a healthy Bullmastiff with a stable and friendly character !

All our dogs and puppies are raised in our own home and they make part of our daily family life. In this way all the puppies will have a solid social base when they are going to their new homes. Another reason is : We just love to have the dogs around us !

We highly recommend future owners to obtain as many information as possible about the breed. Breeders and breeding clubs will gladly to help you. Also on the internet and in books you can find a lot of interesting information. It's not just the upbringing that is very important, but a Bullmastiff needs also a lot of attention and time for many years. Be aware that a dog also costs money ! Not just the purchase price but also food, vet, etc...

We greatly appreciate a personal contact with the future owners, so do not hesitate to contact us...you're always welcome !


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