We are Erik and Donja , and we live with our dogs in Geerdijk, a small town in the East of the Netherlands.


Since our childhood, we both grew up in a family where dogs were central. 7 Years ago, when we bought our own house with a big backyard, we knew it for sure : There must come a big dog !


After reading books and poking around on the internet we decided that it had to be a Bullmastiff. This breed really got everthing that we were looking for : big, tough and a great nice character.


We started searching for a good kennel...and were very surprised to find one not far from our hometown. After a visit we were immediately excited... and  so we came on a waitinglist for our first puppy !


Unfortunately when the puppies were born we were not quiet ready for it...because we were still busy with construction works of our house. Our opinion is that you must be able to give fully attention to a puppy...so we had to wait till the works were finished.


It took a while before the next litter was born...and finally the big moment had come...Kane, our first Bullmastiff came into our life ! We were so happy ! This dog had really stolen our hearts !!


After some nice comments on a beautiful growing Kane, we decided to take part at a few dogshows. Kane collected some "excellent" results ! And we...we were completely infected by the "Bullmastif virus"


After some nice comments on a beautiful growing Kane, we decided to take part at a few dogshows. Kane collected some "excellent" results ! And we...we were completely infected by the "Bullmastif virus

Our next step was looking for a female...finally it became 2 girls, a kennelname was requested and we started with a cynology course. Also for our two ladies we have to had a lot of patience. Jill (Oldwell Lotus ) and Beau (Oldwell Senna) are both imported from the UK and the kennel where they are born is very special to us ("THE STORY") .


    On the first show we did with Kane, we met a kind woman who was very excited of our Kane. She could tell us many interesting things  about the Bullmastiff. We were very impressed !

    When we arrived back home that day we realized that we had no phonenumber or emailadres...from a person like her we could learn a lot !


    Happily...at the "Pinkstershow in Arnhem", we met her again and she would like to take some photos of Kane. Of course, this time we exchanged our phonenumbers and addresses. She was a daughter of the well-known Boerman family...this family and the Hammink family have meant a lot for the Bullmastiff breed in the Netherlands.


    On our first visit, she told us that her father imported many years ago their first bullmastiff from England from the famous "Oldwell kennel".  Many stories, old pictures...we became even more impressed ! She promissed us to look after the contact details of this kennel.

    Mss. Anne Collias en Oldwell Bugler

    Oldwell April

    Harry Colliass (Anne's vader) Oldwell Ch Mi-trooper van Marbette

    We became very interested and started to search and read everything about the Oldwell kennel. The article in the book "World of bullmastiff 2004" was fantastic ! It became our dream to visit this kennel.


    After some phone calls we were welcome to visit Anne en Rose Collias !  Everything was still exactly the same like we have read in the book ! A dream came true !


    The history of the Olwell kennel started in the years of Worldwar II. But their first successes and the first of many champions were in the early sixties. On a certain moment they owned more then 50 Bullmastiffs !

    Today, their daughter Anne keeps the tradition alive. Of course on a smaller scale, but with the same passion for the breed and certainly with the same succes.

    Champion Oldwell Bugler.Oldwells 60

    We thought it would be great to have a companion for Kane from this kennel ! At one of our next visits, we asked Anne for a puppy...she recommended us a female and no male like we had in mind. We were already imagining...maybe we could have once a litter of our own ! A few months later we went home with not 1 but 2 ladies...Oldwell Lotus and Oldwell Senna.


    The Oldwell kennel have impressed us a lot ! W're so proud that our two girls are born in this "Legendary kennel".  That's why we have chosen "from a Legendary Well" as kennelname !


    We would like to thank Anne and Rose Collias for their confidence !  Also many thanks to Jan and Willy Hendriksen-Boerman who brought us closer to the Oldwell kennel.

    Ch Oldwell Hornblower

Occasionally, we hope to breed beautiful and healthy litters...Bullmastiffs who have to give a lot of love and pleasure to their owners. Via our website we like to present you our dogs and keep you informed about upcoming litters and available puppies.


We hope you enjoy our website !  For further questions... don't hesitate to contact us.

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Kind Regards

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